I’m a Fruit n’ Nut Case…with acne

 Well all is going well in the world of healthy living. Our additional foster dog means additional walks and for anyone who has the time and understanding – dogs are the bomb when it comes to staying trim. I’m of the opinion that people stay married through the rough times due to kids and/  or joint real estate and people keep up walking routines on rainy days for the dogs sake. Why else really???

  On a less positive note I’m getting MASSIVE acne breakouts so trying to use different home remedies to zap the zits. So far witch hazel cleansing wipes have beaten all the kitchen cures suggested online. I boiled potatoes and plastered them to my skin for several hours to no avail. I ended up with spots on my face and starchy patches on my cushion after I dozed off for a bit. Apple cider vinegar get great reviews but I didn’t note any improvement after a month of trials. It just made me smell really offensive. I have a really ugly toenail and tried it on that too (ACV is also toe friendly) but alas!…it’s still an ugly toenail. However, I am not completely condemning it. It tastes savage on a salad and naturopaths claim it has multiple benefits including weightloss. 

 I am giving a major tried and tested thumbs up to packets of fruit and nut mix as a snack food. Although I shouldn’t weigh myself every day, I tend to.  Sometimes to give myself a boost and  mostly to tell myself off. I need the scales to say “I told you so” I can confirm that despite snacking regularly on these mixes, I can still shed pounds and or at worst – maintain the same weight. I’m not a massive fan of meat and I feel reassured that I’m getting a lot of protein from them. Also, they are flippin’ scrumptious! Like hummous and olives, they do contain fat, they have all the luxuriousness of other pig out foods BUT  at least they’re not the really naughty ones. 

 This week, I also discovered the secret to an amazing Victoria Sponge…The secret is that it is impossible to make an amazing sponge! I have tried and failed so many bloody times! Even the convenience mixes let me down. I retired as a sponge chef this afternoon after my latest attempt emerged looking like two giant circular pieces of toast. Is it bad that I sandwiched it with jam and fed it to my kids as a giant jammy dodger? It is a recession.

Am going to have a go at Davina’s 20 minute workouts this week and will hopefully get a review done. In answer to one readers question re: my big bro’s wedding. It still hasn’t happened and is now in August. I’m intending to wear a very unforgiving spotty number with a jaunty red hat. Will post some snaps.   



Right. The gauntlet has been laid down. The goal posts have been changed…The brother just got engaged! This will be the first wedding that I have been invited to since losing the baby weight and I’m planning a hardcore diet a exercise regime to get me gorgeous for the big day! I LOVE a goal. Right now I’m around 9st 10 which is the heaviest I’ve been in quite some time but nothing like I was before I started watching my weight. I have a whole year to slim down to a size 10. That may not seem so hard to most size 12 women but I have a naturally curvy figure (which I like) so no matter how toned I get, I tend to remain in size 12 clothes. So my goal weight is 7st 10 pounds and I will not give up until that is what I weigh! Here’s the plan –

  • June 2012          Complete 50 mile Kerry Challenge. With Weight Watchers diet and the training that I am doing. I hope to be 9 st 7 by 30th June
  • July – August 2012           Off to Brighton for a week on 28th of this month so hope to up my game with the South Beach Diet. I will then be off to Spain on the 17th August so will stay in Phase one for around 3 weeks and P2 for the lead up to Spain. I will walk my insane Beagle as always but will also incorporate one session of P90x Plyometrics, Ministry of Sound Pump it up Cardio, NYC Ballet workout as well as 3 sessions of Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregancy Workout around my week. Would hope to be 9 stone at the end of this
  • September – December 2012    If I could stay at 9 stone for three months using Phase 2 and 3 of South Beach , I feel it would be better for my body than continuing phase one as rapid weightloss can have some hideous side effects (eg. my hairloss on the TA Diet last year). This will also allow me  a decent Christmas dinner! I’m thinking walking Tracy’s Post Preggers workout x3 and two other cardio workouts will suffice
  • Jan 2012             New Years Resolution – Lose 1st 4 pounds before August.This will be a little trickier. The further down the scales you go, the harder it gets! I will probably return to South Beach Phase One for 4 weeks to shift the first 7  pounds. That leaves 5 months to shift the last 10 pounds as wedding is in August. I’m thinking half a pound a week in Phase two of the Diet. I will also alternate Tracy Andersons Mat and Post Pregnancy Workouts  as well as four of the afore mentioned DVD cardio workouts.


I think this is a realistic plan. I’m allowing for a few binges as we all have them but getting back on the horse is what it’s all about! Stay tuned for fmy fashion ideas for a summer wedding and the ups and downs of my battle for buff!

Been a year and need to shift the bulge!!!

Well…Glad to say that I have not piled on the weight again or anything but I’ve certainly toned down a bit compared to the unusually svelte me that went to Spain last year. I still do the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy DVD 4 weeks up to an ocassion. (I’m a real fair weather fitness fiend! If I’m not trying to fit in a dress or wear a bikini – my heart’s simply not in it!). I learned a lot while slimming down last year.

  • Really restrictive fad diets just make  you think about food even more and they are not sustainable. When choosing a diet programme, I’d advise something like South Beach which starts with a shock to your system but eases off gradually so that you can have a slice of brown bread or a pitta before you start to hear voices in your head and start smelling your buddies’ dinner as I did with the Tracey Anderson Diet!
  • Walking is probably the most convenient cardio for a housewife or a working person as you can fit it around your day. If you can fit in a mat routine three or four times a week, you’re doing better than most people. Leave the hardcore stuff ’til three or four weeks before an event. That’s as much as most people can do fitness wise unless they’re super motivated.
  • Don’t freak out if you have put on 3-5 pounds and didn’t deserve to. You’re most likely due a period.
  • Your clothes are your most reliable weighing scales. Curves are stunning. Healthy weightloss is a super antidepressant when you don’t obsess about it.
  • Blogging about your progress really keeps you on track.

So my latest challenge is a 50 mile/75km walk for charity. I’m really buzzed about it and hope to raise lots of money while getting some fresh air and exercise in Dingle, Co.Kerry – one of the most beautiful places in the world. Will keep all informed and stay tuned for the bikini countdown 🙂

Alas, an update!

Hi all! I’m so sorry. Went off on my hols and came back to a bit of a family emergency but it is all sorted now. I’m very disorganised as I left my camera charger in Spain but my brother is bringing it home in the next few weeks so will have plenty candid pics to post. Would’ve taken phone pics this week but after a week on bread rolls and paella, I don’t think they would reflect how I looked the week before. Believe it or not I packed on well over a half a stone in ten days which actually doesn’t surprise me one bit considering some of the whacky diets I tried. They really are just a temporary fix. However, from the time I started the blog back in Mid March up to the holidays last week I did manage to shed a whopping 20lbs and I lost inches everywhere. Even though I fell off the wagon last week, my body looks entirely different.

Even better news – since coming back and all but having a stroke after stepping on the scales (and moving it to about 10 different places and removing my knickers to see if that made a difference) I decided not to attack the sangria stomach with another nazi diet. I took the sensible approach and decided to merely cut out the junk food and try to stick to the South Beach Diet….and this time, I’ve allowed myself to move straight into phase 2 (which allows a healthy amount of good carbs and fruit) and I’m feeling super. I also (through necessity because its easiest with kids) started doing stair running again this week and just got a few uplifting tunes on my ipod to make it less monotonous. Stepped on the scales this morning and to my delight, I have lost 4 pounds in 5 days! I think if you can attack that holiday weight asap it is easier to shed…It hasn’t had a chance to set up camp and multiply yet. I’m feeling really great. My plan is to stick to the healthy diet, do 15 mins stair running, walk the dog for 45 mins a day and do Tracy Andersons Post Preggers DVD 3 or 4 times a week because to be honest – my tummy is my biggest concern. Everything else gets smaller with a walk. If it is raining, I have a library or cardio DVDs to select from! I think the leg exercises in the TA’s post pregnancy workout are fan anyway. My thighs have never been as thin as they are now. As for my ass, I’ve just thrown the towel in. The rest of me could shrink the the size of a wood louse but I’d still have an arse as big as Britain…I’m just rolling with it now. JLO and Kim Kardashian are my 2 new diet idols…no point in looking up to Gwyneth or Emily Watson, it ain’t ever gonna happen. Anyway this is me signing off for today. I will post pics as soon as I have them and if it that takes more than a week, I’ll take new ones. Should have the tyre shifted by then. Will also post details of new healthy eating plan and let you know how the weightloss is going regularly now I’m back. This is only the beginning people!

The Tracy Anderson Diet

I’ve been on this particular one for 6 days. Firstly, the purées are a pain in the backside. I didn’t mind whipping up an omlette for the atkins or southbeach or grilling a chicken fillet even but after peeling apples, cooking and blending them the finished product just doesn’t seem worth the bother. The first two days are a bit of a blur really. You would think that after 5 weeks of fad dieting, I would be accustomed to starvation but apparently not. I had to withdraw from a game of Scrabble on Sunday as I simply couldn’t think. I am supposed to be going to Spain on Saturday (Grimsvotn Volcano permitting) and I have still not packed as I am just wiped. I have missed workouts not out of laziness but out of total incapacity. I am pretty ok with abusing myself in order to squeeze into the bikini (on a short term basis anyway) but this is even too hardcore for me. I’m glad I only chose to try this for a week because if I had to do it for another I’m sure my family would be summoning a priest by mid week! It’s like ‘An Eating Disorder for Dummies’. Oh the silliness!

What concerms me even more is that while I found forums and support groups for Atkins and South Beach really encouraging and healthy and found some great advice on not missing meals and possibly increasing portions if I was feeling weak the Tracy Anderson ones are just a little freaky. I’m told to “just trust it”, “stay with it” and “hang in there”….so I’m lightheaded, my stomach is killing me, I have no energy to exercise, I’m cold all the time and I’m driving everyone away and you’re telling me to stick with it? I worry for these individuals.

My hubby also mentioned my growing OBSESSION with my size. Apparently I talk of nothing now but diets, weightloss and fitness which bores the hell out of him. Since doing all these fad diets, a bathroom trip is averaging about 15 mins. 2 to pee, 1 to wash my hands and 12 to stare at my reflection and pin point ‘problem areas’. When I’m cooking the dinner, I’m lifting up my top to look at my abs for the 50th time….willing them to get tighter! If I break the diet by a crumb, I think of ways to punish myself by missing meals and doing extra exercise. I realise this is ridiculous but I have discovered that when one goes on an extreme diet it seems to have a snowball effect on the rest of your life. Everything becomes about THE DIET, POUNDS, ABS, INCHES. Cramming your head with the details just helps with the hunger and desire to pack it in.I’ve reached a weight now that I would have been thrilled with last year but am I satisfied now?……Honestly, no.

To conclude, I look forward to the end of this fad dieting. I’m happy with the fact that I’ve shed so much but I’ll be hoping to maintain this with a balanced healthy diet as opposed to the unreasonable and frankly dangerous diet I am following this week. Stay tuned for Friday’s FINAL PICS!!!….and Weigh IN 🙂

Cabbage Soup Diet, Kinder than you think

This week is cabbage soup week and I can’t tell you just how relieved I am that this does not mean I have to restrict myself to eating smelly cabbage broth all week. On the contrary. It’s a blend of numerous vege and cabbage just happes to be one of them. I am also allowed to eat the odd jacket potato and steak so not complaining. Have to admit I already feel a bit bloated but I suspect that is gas. My poor husband will be exceptionally relieved when this is all over and the article is submitted. Can’t have been easy living with Windy Miller for 6 weeks. This diet is certainly as easy as the Atkins but it is quite specific so eating out might be a bit of a pain. Cancel all of your engagements girls. In any case I’m sure your buddies wouldn’t mind sacrificing your company once you inform them you have just eaten your weight in cabbage. Any site or review I have read on this strongly recommends that it only be followed for a week or two max. I know many people who swear by it as a last minute pre-bikini blubber blast. Although wouldn’t be surprised if I hit a bit of a plateau this week given I’ve had four weeks of serious dieting under my belt. My body is probably “like totally over it” by now. I don’t really mind not losing pounds but I will still hope to lose inches based on the insane amount of exercise I’m doing. I should also mention that I broke my scales this morning. I did a sort of….ballet….jump onto it as I had just been admiring my toned thighs in the mirror (yes I know that’s pathetic!) and landed on the window bit which immediately cracked. Not so encouraging. On that note I’m of to work up a sweat. Later!

Slimming on the Soup Diet…Somebody Open a Window!!!

Hello all. Well as you know I have been doing the Atkins Diet this week. Was getting really bored with making omlettes and coming up with interesting snacks all the time so I had a brainwave and began making up big pots of really yummy soup which were Atkins friendly and very convenient. I was ready to rave about it in a post this morning after I hopped on the weighing scales to see how my progress was going and to my utter astonishment I had shed FOUR pounds. WHHHHHHHOOOOOOP!!! I came downstairs with a bounce in my step, feeling svelte and vigorous and wasn’t even tempted by the fragrant paté and toast hubby was tearing into. I scrambled a few eggs like a good girl and in the spirit of skinniness, I played with it for a few seconds before wolfing it down…just as I have seen the girls in ‘The Hills’ do. I remained on the band wagon at lunch and fixed myself yet another serving of soup…probably my eighth in 24hrs as that is what I had for lunch and dinner yesterday. I was about to head out on a brisk walk with my darling dog, wearing my new designer sportswear (the knock offs I bought for a total of €20 in a corner shop in my home town) but ALAS! Disaster Struck! The killer cramps, the gurgling noises…the pressure. We’ve all been there. I won’t go into the specifics but I did not make it out on that walk. I had to spend 2 hours within a ten foot radius of the ‘throne’.2 hours! I mean all I had to eat was soup but it literally felt like I passed the fridge freezer, the contents of my husbands tool box and possibly the Brady family and Alice the maid! Of course in true crash dieter fashion and once the pain had subsided…I was delighted. I may have remade the diarrhea scene in Dumb and Dumber but this surely shifted at least a half a pound! However, I’ll be having fish and vege for supper because I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for episode 2! Eurovision tonight…Come on Ireland!!!Although I must say I’m loving the knomes from Moldova! Two weeks to go to the weightloss deadline…will I succeed???

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