Getting my Groove on With Zumba

Well I began my Zumba week yesterday and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It certainly didn’t have me reaching for a bucket like P90X did but I definitely broke a sweat and I could really feel the burn in my hips and obliques which is pretty cool after the leg and thigh blast I got from plyometrics last week. I started by using the 20 minute express workout coupled with the cardio party. This took about an hour and then I finished with Tracy Anderson Mat as I feel like I’m getting the burn in my mid section during cardio so want to focus more on arms and legs. I actually think that a doing plyo X with Tracy’s post pregnancy workout and zumba with her Mat on alternate days would be a dream workout schedule and I will consider this when I return from hols but right now I just have to stick to my current plan. I can really see a difference in my thighs from last week. The Plyo X has really emphasised the faint lines that 6 weeks of Tracy had given me and I feel firmer all over. I notice when I’m doing the reggae stomp in Zumba my bum doesn’t wobble nearly as much as it would have a couple of weeks ago. I have a very big bum so this is only the beginning of a long struggle! Today I’m going to do the sculpt and tone DVD which I am told is about 50mins long. I am not using the Live and Abs DVD as I am doing Tracy Anderson with the workouts so I think my abs are covered and I have yet to find an ab workout that has helped me as much as hers. She is actually changing my body shape, it’s magical! So Zumba gets a green light from me.

What I like:

The music is fab. If you blast it out the moves just seem to come naturally.

The dancers are wearing really cool outfits and the sight of their perfect abs inspire me.

I feel like I could take a few of these moves out with me on a night out….my husband looks concerned

I really feel like this could be helping my abs and obliques and I’m having some fun toning them…much more fun than crunches

Beto reminds me of the butler in ‘Bird Cage’. The one who used to clean the pool in a thong.

What I’m unsure about:

Beto is very unclear and his little breakdowns of moves and moderated versions are just confusing and unnecessary

I did sweat but I wasn’t at all out of breath

I’m not sore today. Why?

Don’t feel like my arms and legs got that much of a workout but perhaps I’m totally wrong and I’ll look like the girl from Flash Dance by Sunday.

So I will continue with Zumba and Tracy for the rest of the week and do my weigh in next Monday. I feel like I can SEE a change again so will post some more pics aswell.


P90x and Tracy Anderson…a match made in heaven?

I didn’t try Zumba yet beacuse I just got P90x. There has been so much hype about this so I sad I’d give it a try. I don’t want to deviate too much from Tracy (If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!) so I plan to do one of the P90x cardio workouts before Tracy’s mat or post preganacy workouts at night. I notice that most of the people in the ad for P90x are really buff and ripped (is that the right term? I’m a bimbo). I like Tracy’s teeny tiny feminine look so I’m still going to do isotonics with her but definitley think that the P90x cardio might be the way forward…and so much variety! You will see by my Tracy Cardio attempt why I have quit that part of her workout! I say this now but when I can’t move tomorrow, I’ll probably be venting about P90x on my blog. Will give reviews on different workouts as I do them. Speaking of venting, I have to give some acknowledgement to one of my favourite sights –, I joined this recently and love it! Just a place for people to go and complain, gush or simply mention what’s going on with them and a great place for info on workouts. Ventpark also has a TA Board where you can see other people’s results.One of my favourite Tracy blogs for weightloss/toning is is from ‘Mama P bikini’, Won’t give too much away but she posts great before and after photos and updates. If you are currently using the Tracy Anderson DVDs it is a great place to go for inspiration and motivation. It is always good to know that what you are doing has worked for others and all the sweating, starving and occassionally looking like a tool (me doing Tracy Anderson’ Cardio) is worth the bother. My one month progress photos will be up on Thursday by the way….on the subject of looking like a tool!